Attention of the Parents (New)

Dear parents,

In view of pandemic academic system is completely under doldrum, creating lots of confusions and uncertainties. Most of the parents are worried about commencement of classes and holding of examinations during pandemic which seems to be showing no signs of decline. Many parents are angry and asking many questions as to the decission, timings and practical challenges in holding examinations. In view of this we give uptodate information to parents and students making use of social media. We want to make the following things clear.
1. About the commencement of classes in September, the ultimate decission is that of the government even if university has notified the date of commencement.
2. About examinations for all llb classes the notification is issued and the university is yet to issue time table. Issuing of time table once again depends upon govt decission.
3. We are fully aware of quarantine norms for non Karnataka students, problems of finding accommodation etc. The college has repeatedly brought it into the attention of concerned authorities.
4. The university has its own limitations to take an independent decission to conduct examinations as the law University is controlled by BCI. Until now BCI has not issued any directions for exempting students from junior classes from end semester examinations.
5. The college will take all adequate care if the examinations are conducted by following strict safety norms.
6. Payment of exam fees is necessary to keep the term .