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Attention of Final Year students

Dear final year students
Kslu is conducting opinion survey of final years students and their parents about the feasibility of holding final semester examinations of 6th and 10th semester respectively. You will be sent with questionnaire very shortly and you need to respond at the earliest. Your cooperation in this would be highly appreciated.


Professional Ethics and ADR Internal examination (New)

Parents please note that the internal tests for Professional Ethics and ADR batch students will commence from 1st July onwards. The test will be in online form and please see that your ward will be in station from 1st July onwards. Any clarifications, the students need to contact only Head of Department of Law or the course teacher of respective subject.

Internal Examination 2020 (New)

Parents please note that the internal tests for internal batch students will commence from 1st July onwards. The test will be in online form and please see that your ward will be in station from 1st July onwards. Students will have first two units of their syllabus for this examinations. Any clarifications, the students need to contact only Heads of Departments of Humanities and Law.


For queries  relating to admission for Five years BALLB/BBA LLB/ Three years LLB/LLM and certificate course in ADR contact

Dr. Tharanath  – 9449371918
Dr. Balika – 93426 66755
Mr.Pushparaj – 9611424630
Mrs. Shubhalakshmi – 9743366702
Dr. Rajashree Kini – 9743189089
Mr. Ravindra Rajaput – 6360828015
Mr. Karthik Anand – 7907981144 (In Malayalam also)

Details of Syllabus of KSLU

Note: Admission after notification by KSLU, hubballi. This is only for admission related inquires.

The College has not appointed any individual or agency for admission. All admission is through merit and reservation norms of Government of Karnataka as laid down from time to time. Anyone found to be claiming as authorized person/agents the information about them can be given to the Principal on this number 9449371918.

Detail procedure and application form click here

Contact Numbers for Clarifications

Dear parents/students.
Please find herein, the mobile numbers of all teachers. You can contact them for matters connected with online classes/ clarifications about subjects/ course materials.

  1. Dr. Tharanath (Principal) – 9449371918
  2. Dr. Balika (Vice Principal) – 9342666755
  3. Mr. Maheshchandra Nayak (HOD of Law) – 9242296042
  4. Mr. Naresh M (HOD of Humanities) – 9448770902
  5. Mr. Santhosh Kumar – 9449334560
  6. Mrs. Ujwala – 97461628696
  7. Mrs. Chandralekha – 9481916569
  8. Dr. Annapoorna – 9738278755
  9. Ms. Suma K – 9986866290
  10. Mr. Ravindra K Rajaputh- 6360828015
  11. Dr. Rajashree – 9743189089
  12. Mrs. Shubhalakshmi – 9480010677
  13. Dr. Reshma – 9113968393
  14. Mrs. Deepa Salian – 9663499691
  15. Mrs Vinutha K – 7204286699
  16. Mr. Rakshith BV – 9844473439
  17. Mr. Pushparaj – 9611424630
  18. Mr. Karthik Anand – 7907981144
  19. Mr. Amith SM – 9745510929
  20. Mr. Mohan Kumar – 7892190775
  21. Mr. Ashwin – 8762523995
  22. Ms. Nelvita Noronha – 9741636767
  23. Ms. Chaithrakumari – 8496990612
  24. Mrs. Sangahamithra – 8764263136
  25. Mrs. Sowmya – 9447122662
  26. Ms. Tressey – 8970776528
  27. Dr. Ashok Alwa – 9900406295
  28. Mrs.  Safalya Wagle  – 7353363115
  29. Dr Meenakshi – 9448911777
  30. Ms. Abijna – 9741870858

Attention to the Students

Classes having internal assessment assignment, students must compulsory write it in handwriting,take a photo of the same and can send by online whatsup/ email to you for your evaluation. However, they must compulsory preserve original copy which must be handwritten for verification later. Presentation of assignment can be decided later.

Online Class

Parents Please Note.

In view of suspension of classes upto 14th April 2020, the teachers are sending reading materials through Google classes and whatsapp. Please ask your ward to make use of the same and if your ward has not enrolled for the same, make him/her to join immediately. This is very important.

Attention to Parents

In view of Corona outbreak, the department of collegiate education has instructed the colleges to suspend the classes. In view of this, please do not send your ward to the college until further instructions. The programme scheduled to be held on 15th March stands cancelled. Hence don’t send your ward on 15th March and thereafter until further instructions from the college.


This is to inform your goodself that, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Law College, Mangaluru  is organizing one day National Seminar on “LEGAL ASPECTS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” scheduled on 21st March, 2020. 

For registration , Kindly contact the faculty convenor Ms. Suma Suresh Kogilgeri. Assistant Professor, contact No. 9986866290 and you can also email the participants details to

For download Broucher click here