Anti Ragging / Student Grievances

Aims and Objectives:
1. To create awareness among students about the seriousness of ragging.
2. To make students aware that there is a committee to counter ragging in the college and outside and students can easily approach the members.
3. That the institution will in right earnest attempt to solve student grievances.
4. That the principal regularly checks the suggestion box.

Composition of the committee:
1. Chairperson – Mr. Maheshchanra Nayak
2. Member – Mrs. Ujwala
3. Member – Mr. Rakshith B.V.
4. Student Member – Pednekar Shubham Santhosh
5. Co-ordinator – Mr. Shubharaj Vaman

Recent activities during the academic year 2018-2019:
The committee met at the beginning of the semester and decided to create awareness among students about the evils of ragging. It was also resolved that students who had grievances were free to use the suggestion box kept near the office and or approach the committee. The committee held an awareness programme and apprised the students about the evils of ragging. They were told in clear terms that it is a serious offence and students indulging in ragging faced a police case and rustication from the college.

Procedure for the redressal of anti ragging / student grievances


  • Personal Counseling