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Research Training

Faculty in charge of the event: Dr. Gagan K.
Committee / Cell Name: Research and Publication Unit (R&P Unit)
Event Title: Research Training Program Introductory Meeting
Event type: Seminar / Conference / Guest Lecture / Workshop / Extension Activity
Specify if any other: Introductory Meeting
Event Date(s): 25 October 2018
Venue: Room No.101

Guest(s) / Dignitaries Designation / Affiliation
Dr. Gagan K.
Assistant Professor,
SDM Law College,

Summary of the event / Additional information:

R&P Unit convened an introductory meeting as an ice-breaker for the 12 selected participants of our Research Training Program. The meeting started with the preliminary introductions of the participants. This was followed by giving them an insight into the program on three main points:
•Why we’re doing this
•What they can expect from us
•What we expect from them

After learning about what the program would entail, the participants were given a rough idea on the commitment that is expected from them.Dr.Gagan then moved on to explain the Research Theory part of the session where he briefed them on various aspects of research like:
•Why do we do research?
•Man, curiosity and problem
•Research vs superstition
•Scientific research
•Doctrinal vs empirical
•Collection of data
•Analysis of data
•Writing the paper

He especially spoke about the concept of “Empirical Research” at length.